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Executive Search

We are intently focused on finding exceptional leadership for your organization.


Do you really need to use Executive Search Services to find your new leader? Most nonprofit experts agree that, apart from their ongoing fiduciary responsibility to the organization, there is no more important task asked of a Board than selecting a new professional leader.


Similarly, the success of any public agency in delivering effectively on its mission depends heavily on ensuring the organization has the best possible leadership in place.


The benefits gained by engaging high-quality professional assistance in meeting these challenges are significant, while the cost of making a mistake can be extremely high.


At Hagel Executive Search, we have conducted scores of successful searches that resulted in matching the right leader with the right position. The cost of our services is very reasonable and our results are guaranteed to be excellent.


Value-added benefits of our services:


  • A well-tested, proven process, focused on key success factors, that values, and actively seeks, diversity in all aspects of the search.

  • Our team’s unique combination of success in executive search, and extensive CEO experience, enables us to accurately identify and evaluate the key leadership skills and personal attributes that viable candidates need to possess.

  • A broad network of local, state and national contacts, ensuring the widest possible promotion of your opportunity.

  • By doing what we do best, performing the detailed work of the search process, your organization’s leaders are free to do what they do best, focus on their policy development and decision-making responsibilities. 

Board Member Search

Building the governing board is a challenge facing many organizations.


  • How do you determine what skills and knowledge you need?

  • How do you ensure that you are seeking the diversity of thought and backgrounds that will serve the interests of your stakeholders?

  • How do you recruit board members across your wide geographic service area?

  • Where do you find these people and how do you attract them to your organization?


We can help you answer every one of those questions and can help you recruit the type of leaders that emerge from the answers. Please contact us if you would like to discuss how we can help.

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