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Cheerful diverse people huddling in the

Our Values

We believe deeply that we are all in life’s journey together and that we all must be part of the solutions addressing and ending injustice and racism in this country and this world. We are committed both professionally and personally to do our part and incorporate the principles of diversity, equity, inclusion and antiracism into our work and lives.

We do that by recognizing the implicit biases that affect us all and work to overcome those biases by introspection, focused effort and celebration of the worth of everyone we encounter and interact with. We believe that open, honest dialogue with those with whom we agree and with those whom we might disagree will help bring forth greater understanding, acceptance and support for all in their journeys, both professionally and personally.

We value and model openness, honesty, transparency, respect for all, encouragement to others, and a commitment to help make this world a more just place for all people regardless of race, gender, age, experience, culture, national origin, job status and function, physical ability, religious belief, veteran status, sexual orientation, identity, and ways of thinking that make each of us unique.

We are committed to help our clients ensure that they are looking clearly at the needs of their stakeholders through the lens of diversity, equity, inclusion and antiracism when establishing the criteria by which they will measure the experience, skills, qualifications and potential of candidates. We seek to identify the uniqueness of each candidate and the ways in which their background can address the criteria.

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