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We Value Our Candidate Relationships Highly!

We value your time and effort in expressing interest in positions with which we are working. Searches are a two-way street.

We consider our relationships with candidates as equally important to our relationships with our clients.


What we promise you…..


  • We will always treat you with respect

  • We will make every effort to answer your questions in a timely manner

  • We will make every effort to communicate your status to you in a timely


  • We will treat your candidacy as confidential

  • We will be straight with you about the position in which you have interest

  • We will not present your name to any client without you giving us permission

  • We will not present your name to more than one client concurrently


What we hope you will promise us….


  • To pay attention to detail and accuracy in the materials you submit to us

  • To be straight with us on your true interest level in the position – if you are not

        really interested, please don’t apply

  • To be realistic around your willingness to relocate and to discuss this fully with

        family, spouse or partner to make sure that this works for them – don’t wait until the last moment to discuss it

  • To give us feedback on any areas where we can improve our work



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