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Nonprofit Board Members

As a nonprofit or NGO board member you occupy a special position of trust in your community. You have chosen to share your time, talent and treasure with an organization you value.


As you have assumed your position you have assumed fiduciary responsibility for the finances and productivity of your organization. One of the most, if not the most, important responsibilities you have is the recruitment, hiring, care of and possible termination of your nonprofit CEO or executive director.


Nonprofit CEO leadership transitions are never fun, whether they be the retirement of a long term, highly successful CEO or the unfortunate termination situation. In most organizations these transitions are infrequent and thus are challenging for the board.

Questions arise like what do first, where do we find candidates, how much should we pay the new CEO and on and on. Nonprofit CEO transitions are hard work and very time-consuming for volunteer board members.


That is where Hagel Executive Search comes in. With our many years of nonprofit search experience and our many years of actual hands-on nonprofit CEO experience, we can make your job easier and guarantee success. 



Please look at our past client list. Look at the testimonials from past clients. We are transparent, passionate about nonprofits and NGOs respectful of everyone we contact and are ready to work with you. 


Call us today if you need services today or if you want to learn more about best practices in CEO transition. 253.693.2780

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